5 Reasons Why I Will Always Use Atlantic E Cig Cartridges

5 Reasons Why I Will Always Use Atlantic E Cig Cartridges

I recently gave up smoking and I have been using E-cigarettes for a few months now. I newly stumbled upon the Atlantic E-cigarette and as soon as I did I knew that I would never go back to using any other e-cigarette. From the flavours to the feeling of smoking it, this e-cigarette everything I needed to quash my tobacco addiction and start enjoying the pleasures of a safer, cheaper and healthier alternative. So what is it that has made me decide to only use the Atlantic cartridges?

The Flavour

All of the flavours offered in the Atlantic cartridges are excellent. Obviously, they can’t all be my favourite and there are a couple that I probably wouldn’t buy again but this is only down to personal preference and not the fact that they aren’t really good, strong flavours.

Whether you have never smoked an e-cigarette before or you are a regular user, I would definitely recommend these cartridges as they do have a really strong and distinctive flavour, something that I find is lacking in a lot of other brands.

The Price

Even though most E-cigarettes are cheaper than buying tobacco or “real cigarettes” it is still important that they are a good price. I have found the price of the Atlantic cartridges to be very reasonable. They last a good amount of time (around 300 puffs) and you don’t have to bulk buy them in order to get them at that good price – you can buy them individually.

The Ingredients

All of the nicotine comes from natural tobacco leaves and the flavourings are all produced with real ingredients in France. I can only assume that this is what gives these e-cigarettes their great taste as well as that satisfying smoky feeling that you get at the back of your throat when you inhale.

The Convenience

The convenience of these E-cigarette is second to none. Not only am I able to carry around my E-cigarette with me everywhere I go, always knowing that it will be well charged and able to be used at a moment’s notice, but the cartridges are also incredibly easy to use and buy.

You can buy the cartridges individually so if you want to try out a flavour or if you only need a couple, then there’s no need to buy a whole pack that you may not use.

The Brand Quality

When it comes to E-cigarettes, the quality of what I am buying is really important to me. I know that the Atlantic E-cigarette cartridges are of a very high quality and that the company itself only provides the best products for their customers. Buying from a quality company means that I am getting an excellent product that I’m happy to use again and again is an excellent alternative to smoking tobacco. So if you haven’t already tried Atlantic E-cigarette cartridges, give them a go today. You only need to buy one, so what have you got to lose?