Beautiful Things You Can Create Using Giant Yarns

Beautiful Things You Can Create Using Giant Yarns

When the temperatures start to dip, it becomes the perfect time for cosy knitwear to take the edges off the winter. Giant yarns are the perfect material to create super chunky blanket which is excellent for curling up on the bed or the couch. The great thing about this material is the fact that they are available in several beautiful colours and are absolutely lightweight, soft and very pleasant to touch. The things that you can make with these yarns are beyond beautiful but you need to learn the right way to do it. They also serve as great gifting options. Listed below are a few things that you can make with this yarn.

A Throw Blanket

A throw blanket made of giant yarn would not only keep you warm but also looks absolutely beautiful. You need a bit of practice to master this art but once you get a hold of what it is all about, you would find it extremely easy. Giant needles are used to stitch such blankets and at first, you might need someone’s help to be able to make one. You can make it various colours so that they match the colour of your bed sheets or your couch.

A Hula-Hoop Rug

You can weave huge hula-hoop rugs in multiple colours and place it in your living room or bedroom. These look quite different and provide a completely different look to the room they are placed in.

Ornaments like Wreaths

Handmade ornaments like wreaths look really pretty especially when they are made with giant yarns. You can make one during Thanksgiving, Christmas or Halloween and place it on your door. Choose neutral colours and add just a touch of holiday colours. You could even add a bunch of fake red berries to brighten it up. You can even make little ones and hang it on your walls or trees.  

Throw Pillows

You can make chunky knit pillows in bright colours with the giant yarn. You can mix and match two colours to make a pillow that catches everyone’s attention. The pillows made of such yarns look quite different and unique. Choose colours like white and green or white and yellow or just plain grey. Choose whichever colour you want and place it on your couch or your office chair.  

Door Curtains

Door curtains made of such yarn look rather pretty if you choose the colours wisely. Also, they are rather fun to make. You could even stitch little bells to it so that when anyone enters or exits it would create a little tinkling sound.

A Basket for Your Fur Baby

This kind of yarn could also be made to make a basket. Of course, you can choose to use the basket for other purposes but who wouldn’t love to see their fur baby sleeping comfortably in it. It would make them feel comfortable and snug as the material is rather soft.

All you need to do is learn the basics of hand knitting and soon you would be able to master this art and create beautiful pieces for your home.

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