Best Men’s Watches For Spring

Best Men’s Watches For Spring

Nothing screams “professional” more than a great watch on your wrist. It gives off the vibe that you have your priorities straight and your time is highly valued. Spring is the season when work gets a little more hectic, like the plants and flowers start blooming while your business and career is booming. So we’ve rounded up the best men’s watches for this season.

  1. Mondaine Swiss Railways Alarm

Mondaine is a quintessential Swiss watch brand that comes with a reliable quartz movement and built in alarm. The simple face design is based on Swiss railway clocks, so it’s designed to be super functional and easy to read. The original Railway interface patterned after the railway clocks was first designed in 1986, and Mondaine continued to improve on the design as technology continued to evolve.

  1. Junghans Max Hill

Junghans was first established in 1861 Germany. This German brand’s Max Hill watch is classy enough to wear with a smart suit but simplistic enough when you’re off the clock. Minimalism meets German expert functionality in their line of Max Bill watches.

  1. Corniche Men’s Heritage 40

Another minimalist design is applied on the Heritage 40, with a simple black and silver façade. A relatively new brand, Corniche was launched in 2013 but has proven its mettle against established watch brands internationally. Inspired by their French roots and childhoods spent in Providence, they take Europe to a whole other level in watchmaking.

  1. Citizen CB0153-21A

Citizen is one of the most successful watch company that has designed a watch line for every activity you can think of. From waterproof diving watches, statement watches, classic watches, to affordable watches, Citizen has a watch for it. They are also very technologically innovative – their Eco-Drive watches use solar power to keep them ticking. They use natural and artificial light as a source of energy, thereby reducing the carbon waste created by using batteries to power up watches.

  1. Uniform Wares C40 Day Date

The brass and black leather is the pride of the British watchmaker that has been making watches since 2009. Another minimalist design with the craftsmanship of Swiss watchmakers, Uniform Wares is slowly making a name for themselves in the international watchmaking industry. All watches made by this brand are designed in house in their London studio and constructed in the expert hands of Swiss watchmakers.

The watches we have mentioned above are quite pricey but the benefits you receive in return are worth splurging on. You get the functionality and craftsmanship of a well-made watch;the premium materials used in making the watches; and a luxury brand stamped on the face of the watch on your wrist. Most luxury watch brands have topnotch servicing that you can bring your watch to if it starts acting up (but we sincerely doubt you will have to if you take care of your watch well). Watches from the brands mentioned above are an investment for your future. If well taken care of, it can be your legacy.

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