Corporate Gifting Etiquette

Corporate Gifting Etiquette

In a multicultural environment, corporate gifting is an essential part of doing business especially in countries like Japan and Russia where businesses rely on building stronger relationships with clients. But in many other countries like USA, UK and Australia corporate gifting is mistaken for bribery. However, there is a very thin line of difference between corporate gifting and bribery. Hence, you should be sure about the company’s policy and laws that govern the countries before indulging in corporate gifting. So we have round up some exciting corporate gifts for almost every occasion.

Before you start deciding on the gift, it is important that you have a fixed budget in mind. For fixing a budget you need to take company’s finances into consideration. If you have a budget constraint then even a simple handwritten would do the magic. However, it will be advisable that you shouldn’t be spending too much on the gifts.

Although focussing on the budget it important but making it personalized is even a higher priority. It will make your clients, employees and colleagues feel that you appreciate the efforts that has been put in. Something useful like gift cards will be appreciated by everyone.  And make sure that you have gifts for each and every one rather than sending gifts to only specific clients, team, employees and colleagues.

Gift Combos

Chocolates, cookies and other assorted gift items will make great gifts for corporate. They are universally accepted gifts which can be distributed amongst colleagues, co-workers and others in his/her department.

Corporate Gifts

You can shop for business organizers, card holders, pens and other gift items which can be embossed on the gifts to be on top of the mind of your business clients.

Concert Tickets

Asking your client out for dinner might seem a little awkward, so how about gifting them meal tickets or other concert tickets which they would enjoy to watch. All these vouchers should be handed in person to ensure that they realize that you have put in special thought into it to make the occasion of Rakshabandhan a memorable one. We are sure that there has been a slight deviation in the rakhi gifts which makes the festival a memorable one for many. You can shop for the latest chocolates such as Toblerone, Snickers, Mars and Ferrero Rocher which will make delightful gifts for the occasion.

Personalized Gifts

Thoughtful gifting is always appreciated by clients as it leaves a sweet memorabilia in your client’s memory. You can gift your client a customized business organizer which has his name or just initials on it. It will be high on utility and will make great corporate gifts.

Besides these, you can also shop for other affordable gifts which will be make the festival of Rakshabandhan memorable for you. You can place a bulk order of these corporate gifts so that they can be delivered to the destination of your choice without any hassle.

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