History Of Roller Skates

History Of Roller Skates

Roller-skates are used as shoes or strapped onto shoes to roll on the wheels. Previously, ice skates had blades while roller-skating introduced wheels instead of these blades. This type of skate may have two or may be a four wheeler configured as a car. Some have experimented with single wheel also.

History of roller-skates:

In 1760, John Joseph Merlin, a Belgian inventor introduced the first pair of skates. It was a basic design just like the ice skates with wheels on instead of blades. It was tough to handle because no break was there to stop it. Therefore it was not too popular.

The rocking roller skates with four wheeler configuration were introduced in the year of 1863 by James Plimpton originated from Massachusetts. It was a huge improvement from the primary design. Due to four wheels, it is easy to control and has more stability. Now it has been easier to drive.

What are the purposes of skating? 

When skates were initially introduced it was considered as a pastime activity. But now a day it has been evolved to competitive sports. After that, different categories of skates were introduced like skates racing, speed skating, roller hockey and inline figure skating. Roller hockey is a very popular sport among the young people. Considering its popularity it has been introduced in the Olympic. Roller derby and jam skating are the other categories of skating events. Roller-skate was considered for 2012 summer Olympic but was never included. During the disco era, this skating popularity increased the most.

Health issues related to skating:

Though skating was introduced as a time pass event, some essential health benefits have been found afterward.

  • It can be considered as a complete aerobic workout program. Anyone can come to the rink for a workout course.
  • Researchers found that skating with the speed of 9.7km/hr can burn 350 calories and burn up to 66 calories while skating 16km/hr.
  • It is considered as a fitness sport like running, jogging etc.
  • Leave your treadmill for a few days and try this new form of workout. Changing of activity also can be more effective to our body.
  • According to the health benefit, roller skating can be performed for quick fat burning.
  • It improves our body strength specifically leg strength. It helps to make our muscles more strong and makes us more energetic.
  • It makes people feel happy which is a key element for smart living.
  • It increases our concentration power by increasing our body balance and coordination.

Safety clauses about roller-skating:

  • First of all, you need all the safety equipments necessary for skating. Knee-pads, elbow guards, wrist guards and a helmet. These will protect your body from injury while skating. Lack of any of these may cause injury during a drop on the floor.
  • Find the correct size of skates which can fit you with an ease.
  • Tighten your skates as much as it is possible. Loose binding of skating shoes can harm your feet.
  • Start under the advice of an expert trainer. That will help you for proper and quick learning.

Tie up your roller-skates on your legs and start roll on the wheels.

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