How Fitting The Selling Point of Your Business?

How Fitting The Selling Point of Your Business?

Riding a business from scratch is no easy task, but a party that worries many entrepreneurs and traders is choosing and installing POS equipment best suited for your needs as a store or business. Also, the price is usually a conditioning and more in these times, which save on budget whenever possible is one of the key premises.With this article we want to help you, so that decision making is simpler and, above all, to choose a quality, affordable equipment. And so we have proposed a challenge: mounting a pack of essential products for your business for less than € 1,000.

To begin you must decide if you mount a terminal point of sale (POS) or base using a computer (PC) with an installed management software. The first decision you have to take on the function you want to use this device. If you will only use the machine as POS, ie only for business management functions, we recommend POS terminal. But if you also want to have in-house services of a computer, then there is no more to say.

Note that a PC is cheaper than a POS, but you also have to buy a monitor (preferably touch). But the advantages of a POS is that it has been specifically created and designed for just that functionality, so its quality and usability is readily apparent.

There are many options for both POS as computers and screens and, but as we have a limited budget, a budget option that offers full benefits can be the touch screen terminal Fanless POS Advanpos E-1.6Ghz Atom, for € 550.00.

If instead you have decided on a PC and a monitor, these are some of the alternatives we offer:

  •  Touch Monitor 8.4-inch VGA TVS for € 128.52. Or if you prefer something cheaper, we propose a conventional monitor (non-touch) 8.4 inch LCD Otek for € 115.00.
  •  Semi Tower Computer Intel I34G C-TPV € 399.00.

More components to mount the point of sale

Once you have the device, we have to choose management software that will help you keep track of stock, item management, gallery sale, order management, budgets and everything you need in your business. One of the professional version is cheaper market ARS Management Software Professional POS, for € 84.70.

Other components that can not miss in your business are, for example, a thermal ticket printer a cash drawer and barcode reader. Thermal printers are very fast and uses ink as the printing is performed from the paper itself. This is a special paper that turns black when printed (like the supermarket tickets or bus).

A thermal printer model very well priced tickets is the PR-GP80II CTPV, you can get for € 130.00. Thermal paper is not very expensive. You can get packs of 6 rolls of thermal paper for € 12.00, or you can buy boxes of 60 rolls, for example, for about € 70.00.

Cash drawer component usually also quite economical. Obviously, we can find more of drawers € 100.00, but there are much cheaper options that do not reach € 50.00. For example, we suggest the V-4141B cash drawer, manual opening of 41 x 41 cm, which is around € 37.00.

As barcode readers, also called barcode scanners, it is a very important element for businesses that streamlines the sales process. Readers can find from € 30,00, but we recommend you spend a little more at this point, because the difference in quality is very noticeable as an economic model, one of about € 20.00 plus. For example, the barcode scanner CD-3860U Posiflex is a very good reader that can be had for about € 51.00.
Packs of accessories to complement your POS

There are economic packs specifically designed for shops, where you can find all these products, and other very interesting, like counterfeit detectors and viewers for the customer. One of the packs cheaper than you can find in the market is the Pack Accessories POS that, despite not including the POS or computer, or management software includes the following components, for a price of around € 360.00 :

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