How To Get Maternity Clothes For Active Lifestyle

How To Get Maternity Clothes For Active Lifestyle

As we all know gaining some weight during pregnancy is an absolutely natural and good thing, but at the same time you still need to care for your diet and physical activities to stay healthy and trained for delivery. The better trained you are, the easier the labor will be. So with the help of professional trainers we created a quick buying clothing guide for active mothers-to-be.

What to Look for?

The general rules for clothes if you plan to join restorative fitness or yoga for pregnant women are as follows. Choose pregnancy clothes in Ottawa that will be soft, supportive, and stretchy clothes that will not restrain any of your moves and will only add support without creating any discomfort. Comfort is the most important characteristic that you should be looking for.

In terms of fabrics doctors and trainers advise getting breathable materials, such as jersey or cotton. Make sure that you have a hoodie for every workout, because it will save you from getting cold after the class and help warm up faster in the beginning.

Types of Essential Maternity Clothes to Look for

Here is a list of things that you will need to make your workout effective and comfortable.


During the first trimester you can use your regular pants, because very frequently no physical changes in your body will be seen.

Starting from the second trimester it is highly advise to choose maternity pants or capris. Make sure that you choose trousers of any style with a built-in band to get support and steel be able to move freely.

In case you plan on working out at a yoga class, Ottawa instructors advise choose loose pants that will not cling too tightly to your body.


In terms of tops there are two options. If you like tops for workouts with built-in bras, then you definitely need to check maternity clothes stores for the best match. If you prefer wearing bra as a separate piece of clothing then you should look for longer and stretcher pieces. When getting a special maternity top you can also get more support for the bump. In case of outside workouts, make sure to take a hoodie with you!

Sports Bras

As already described above, special maternity bra is an indispensable part of your comfort workout. Do not try to save or trick your body with regular underwear, because it never works. Go to a specialized maternity clothes store and ask an assistant to help you choose the proper fit. Professionals and expert moms from Ottawa advise looking for wide straps and sides, a special under-bust band and a deep centre at the front.

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