Images Or Not: Which Is Best For A Printed Bag?

Images Or Not: Which Is Best For A Printed Bag?

When designing the perfect array of bags for your business it is important t consider pricing as well as the overall size and material. But what about adding imagery to the bag? In this article, we will be looking into whether or not you should be adding images to your printed bags to make your business stand out.

Make The Bag Stand Out

Though it will take time to have an image printed on a bag, this can help to make the bag stand out and be more eye-catching. Whether it is a funny cartoon or a brand logo, this can help your printed bag to stand out and encourage people to make the investment. In addition to this, the better the design is the more likely customers are to use the bag again and again. 

Can Take Away From Branding 

Though an image makes printed cotton bags stand out, this does have the risk of losing the branding as a result. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the brand is clear regardless of the image that you have placed on the bag. By incorporating your branding within the image or having a recognisable mascot, you can then begin to market your brand effectively whilst providing a bag that customers will want to reuse. This, therefore, allows others to see your brand and helps to boost brand awareness without having to pay extra for additional marketing. 

Can Be Difficult To Print 

Though this does depend on the printing type that you opt for, printing an image on a select number of materials can lead to colours bleeding. Though this can be altered by using a UV ink or a more robust material, this is important to consider during the design process as you want the bag to look their best. Alternatively, opting for a paper bag will help you to print images on your bag with ease without the risk of the colour bleeding in any way. This is an element that is to be considered during the design process to ensure the best possible result. 

Can Increase The Price Of Printing. 

The final element to consider when designing a bag is the cost of printing. The more elaborate that the design is, the more likely it is that the price of printing will increase. Though this is dependent on the company and their mark-ups the more ink that is used the higher the price will be. Therefore, it is important to consider your monthly budget when designing the bag as adding an image may push you over the thresh hold of what your company can afford. 

With this in mind, there are a number of advantages as well as disadvantages that come along with printing images on your bags and therefore it is important to consider your budget before the design process. Not only will this help you to make a design that you can afford to print, but it will help you to design a bag that perfectly showcases your business.

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