Look And Feel Your Best When Up On Two Wheels

Look And Feel Your Best When Up On Two Wheels

There are really two key parts to the story of the clothing worn by serious cyclists, the first of which is the glorious history of cycling itself. Once the bicycle was introduced in the 1800s, this two-wheeled method of transport become extremely popular, with billions of people choosing to use a cycle for transportation, for recreation, and for sport.

In the early years, bicycles were used for recreation, as those who could afford to own a cycle would spend some of their leisure hours on two wheels, enjoying the fresh air and the exercise, but it didn’t take long for some more creative and energetic individuals to take this activity to another level. By the 1880s, cycling was a sport, though it did take another decade or two for a cycling society to develop.

Structured Activity

The result was structured activity, with established routes to be ridden that would keep cyclists away from the increasing amount of motorised traffic on the roads. Of course, thousands of others used the bicycle for transportation, to travel from home to work and from home to school. This is still a key element of cycling activity in many countries around the world, with some companies encouraging bicycle transport with showers, changing rooms, indoor bike racks, and more.

Naturally, the element of competition entered the picture in fairly short order. As the 20th century opened, it was quite common for athletically inclined individuals to establish races and other competitions for two-wheel enthusiasts. Eventually, it became quite common for groups of cyclists to compete against other groups, a structure that led to the cycling jersey as a way to distinguish one team from another.

Over time, the jersey became a very specialised article of riding attire, with colours and printed information being a key part of the design. While early jerseys were made from wool and similar heavy materials, the latest technology has created clothing that is more comfortable, designed to wick moisture away from the skin to keep the rider cool. Today, professional cyclists are sponsored by companies who put their logos and brand names on the rider’s jersey. This is a key source of revenue for everyone involved.

Custom Design

A few creative designers now offer cycling jerseys that are as much artwork as they are comfortable riding articles. These innovative individuals offer short-sleeve jerseys and long-sleeve jerseys that feature their unique designs, all printed on some of the finest fabric available today. Many of these designs are hand-drawn, which makes them stand out in a crowd of riders, but there’s more to it than appearance.

These jerseys are also designed and manufactured to maximise comfort, with flat-stitched seams that won’t rub or chafe. If you’re looking for comfortable cycling attire that you’ll also be proud to wear, this is your source. The clothing is designed with careful attention to detail by an artist and designer who is also a cycling fanatic. Why not wear clothing that looks great and feels great when you’re up on two wheels?

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