Most Popular Jean Types

Most Popular Jean Types

Jeans are one of the finest inventions in the clothing industry that has gained love and acceptance around the world. Since its first creation, it has undergone serious changes, yet the charm and appeal of denim have stayed intact. We can see around a fine variety of styles and experiments a single piece of clothing has seen. Gone were the days when everybody swears on skinny jeans and nothing was seen beyond. Denim has transgressed beyond tight and skinny versions and has evolved into a lot more fun. Listed below are some of the most trending types of jeans you can wear in different ways.

Straight Leg Jeans

They are vintage and simply amazing! Comfortable, easier to carry and wear, straight leg jeans are the favourite of 7 for all mankind jeans. You can wear this with either a crop top or even a coat, they give a striking appeal in a cool way. The best part about them is that they are casual wear yet they look elegant and unruffled. 2021 is the year of straight-leg jeans’.

Mom Jeans

Back into fashion again, mom jeans are high-waisted women’s jeans that were typically popular in the 1980s and a decade later. They are super comfortable and affordable. They offer a baggy fit overall and are made for everyone who loves comfort and can style it in the best manner. Wear them simple with a sneaker and basic tee and you are all set to go!

Boyfriend Jeans

Like Mom jeans, Boyfriend Jeans are loose-fitted, yet the latter is less baggy. They are loose around the thighs and crotch and offer a low waist fit. Since the era is of experimenting and becoming inspired with different versions of 7 for all mankind jeans, people are swapping styles and breaking stereotypes. Boyfriend jeans are one such example of the postmodern age when the style is crossing gender boundaries. You can wear them with a crop top, a shirt with a knot tied around the waist, a bodice top tucked inside. Rolling an inch or two of the jeans from the ankle and pairing them with boots or heels can make the overall style impressive.

Cropped Jeans

These are available in a wide range and they are so popular! You can get them in flared as well as straight leg versions, whatever suits you the best. They are slightly shorter than standard jeans length. They can be worn with crop tops, t-shirts, white shirts, blouse tops, and more. Accessorise with belts and don’t forget to pair them up with some smart heels.

The given list is ideal for every season and style. Styles like hemlines ripped, faded, etc. are also there to give more character. All you need is a temperament and perspective to carry them all!

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