Tips For Buying A Hand Dryer

Tips For Buying A Hand Dryer

Hand dryers are commonly used in a wide variety of different places. Many commercial places usually have hand dryers installed in order to facilitate the number of people who visit the bathrooms on a regular basis. Due to the amount of traffic in the bathrooms, most places usually have heavy-duty hand dryers installed. Hand dryers are a relatively recent invention. In the past, commercial organisations and buildings usually had to incur a sizeable amount of expenditure on a monthly basis on toiletries.

They had to purchase large packs of tissue paper and toilet towels for those who visited the toilets. However, it soon became apparent that a more efficient solution was required for drying the hands. As a result, the hand dryer was developed. Today, hand dryers are commonly found in almost every public toilet. You can easily dry your hands by keeping them near the dryer. The dryer usually blows hot air on the hands, thus drying them out quickly. Now, whether you own a store, a restaurant, or virtually any other commercial entity, you will need to have a hand dryer in the washrooms. When sifting through different hand dryers for sale, here are some key things that you should keep in mind.

Types of Dryers

The traditional hand dryer is usually the cheapest option available on the market. However, while it may be the cheapest option on the market, it also has a few cons. First of all, the traditional dryer is generally quite slow. In order to turn it on, you will need to press a button, which is not exactly good for sanitary purposes. On top of that, traditional dryers consume a great deal of energy, especially when compared with other high-efficiency options that are available on the markets today.

The automatic hand dryer might be a bit more expensive, as compared to its conventional counterpart, but it does offer more benefits. Firstly, it’s not as loud as the traditional dryer. On top of that, there are no buttons on the dryer. An infrared sensor is installed which automatically determines when you put your hands in the defined position. The dryer automatically comes to life as your hands are detected. As soon as you remove your hands, the vents will shut off automatically. They are sanitary, and also do not consume as much energy. However, they are a bit more expensive when compared with conventional dryers.

Factors to Consider

There are several key factors that you should consider when buying a new dryer. First of all, you should focus on the cost of the dryer and the speed with which it dries your hands. Other factors, that most companies also take into consideration, include the noise generated by the dryer as well as the amount of energy that it uses. If you purchase an expensive dryer, it’s likely to consume much less energy and also work better than other variants that are available on the markets. Consider your options carefully before buying any new dryer.

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