10 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

10 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Love is soon to hover the air in our bustling city. Yes, the Valentine’s Day is on its way to our door steps, and you need to get ready with those gifts for your girlfriend, the love of your life. But, don’t mess your special day by presenting a gift that looks like a last minute preparation. Give a thought to what kind of gift you want to present her to get those smiles spreading across her face. So, gentlemen we have listed 10 Thoughtful Valentine Day gifting ideas just for you. No more, biting the nails, whether she likes your gifts or not. We are here to rescue you.

Here goes our list of the Valentine Day gifting ideas you can look up to:

  1. A Traveling Affair:

The list to make it to the top of our Valentine Day gifting ideas is travelling! Who in the world doesn’t love to travel? Is your girlfriend a traveling enthusiast? Then surf the net and check out the best packages for traveling abroad or even around our very own Country.

Traveling does not only help to build relationship with your partner but also revitalizes your mind. And nothing beats a romantic journey to the places uncharted in the world. Websites like Cleartrip.com and Makemytrip.com has pretty amazing packages for travelers and backpackers. So, go for it Romeo, and make her day with a crazy package to a trip and have and adventurous time together. Create memories to unfold forever.

  1. A Dress To Impress:

Nothing makes a girl smile with glee when you present a beautiful dress as Valentine’s Day gift. This is the scenario, take her to a good mall, set your budget and let her use all the liberty to choose the clothes and shoes she wants within the budget you have set. Weird? Believe it or not, girls love that! So, there you go a secret strategy to make your girl happy and love you more.   

  1. Go Traditional With A Love Letter:

Do you know how much a letter means to someone? In the olden days people used to express their love through letters with all those emotions spilled in a piece of paper that spoke volumes about love. It was romantic and is still very romantic. Letters has a way of probing into a women’s heart and mellowing them to the ground. So, for once, go traditional and pour out those unspoken feelings on a piece of paper. Express those 3 magical words to her and entice her with those romantic literatures. Get ready, for a big Awwwww and a warm grizzly hug from your lady love. Stash this to your Valentine Day gifting ideas for your partner.

  1. A Precious Gem:

If you are on the way to Valentine Day gifting ideas then trust me diamonds are girl’s best friend! If you are the type who love to squander on your girl then getting the rocks on the day just for her will sweep her feet off. Precious stones have always had their way to a women’s heart. Pearls, diamonds, rubies, and gold and so on the list goes. Get in those jewelry shops that can get you a nice stone for a good price and have them nicely gift wrap and Voila! See her smile spread across her cheeks.

  1. A bike ride to the country side:

The fresh smell of the air and the touch of tall reeds always make women vulnerable and get in touch with their soft corner. Take her to a nice bike ride to the country side and have a lone time just observing nature and its glorious beauty. Places like Pushkar and Jaipur, being just few miles away from Delhi has a reputation for very good vicinity and facilities for bike riders.  

  1. The iPod Touch:

Is she a techie? Does she enjoy listening to music? Then say yes to iPod! The fantastic iPod Touch which will get her grooving to the tune and the quality of the sound will make her day.

The iPod touch is super slim and colorful which can play not only music but also videos, games, apps, make video calls and shoot amazing HD photos and videos. Wow! All that much in just 1 touch. As much as you love gadget so does your woman! So, romeo may be you should put this on your bucket list of Valentine Day gifting ideas for your girlfriend.

  1.  Roof Top Dinner:

A good conversation and a delicious dinner get it done. Find a good roof restaurant in the city and go dive in those delicious munchies. A good food is the way to your lover’s heart. And a good conversation further leads to a better relationship. Pour out your heart over a good food that goes as a side dish to your conversation.

  1. Para Gliding:

Is your girlfriend adventurous? Then para-gliding in the mounts of Manali is a true bliss. Para-gliding is a recreational sport. It’s a light weight aircraft launched just by foot. It gives the flier a bird’s view on the world. Won’t it be nice to become a bird for 1 day? Take a good ride towards the spots like Manali and fly like no one else is watching you.    

  1.  A Good Movie:

Age old tradition of watching movies together never dies down. So who’s her favorite actor? What kind of movies does she like – Action movies, romantic movies, Comedy movies or horror movies? Take her for a spin and choose her favorite movie. Watch along and have a nice peaceful time together on this special occasion.

  1.  Say It With Flowers:

Last but not the least, of-course is the flower technique. Flowers make the most adorable gifts to express love. These are one of the best Valentine gifts online that you can manage to get if can’t reach to the person’s place. Flowers are always a good option for your lady love. But you can prep it up a bit more, like have a bunch of flowers sent to her home first thing in the morning, and give her the surprise of the day.

So, here it is Romeos, 10 Valentine Day gifting ideas just for your ladies. Be thoughtful in what you choose and make her day with some of these gifts to woo and sweep her feet off.

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