Important Questions To Ask When Buying A Cot For Your Baby

Important Questions To Ask When Buying A Cot For Your Baby

Who doesn’t love babies? – everyone adores those cute, little packets of joy with love & affection. How adorable they look! Especially, when they are sleeping. I just can’t stop myself to look at them while they are napping. Their cute smile & ‘aww’-like activities give every parent a reason to relive their older childhood days. 

It is every parent’s wish to have their own ‘live toys’ which is the best creation of God. Being a parent is such a boon as it gives chance to make life’s every moment joyous. Babies are generally taking 18 to 20 hours sleep or nap per day. Do you want to make their sleep uncomfortable or full of disturbance? Nah!..

So, spend your few bucks on baby cots to gift your kid, a peaceful sleep and smoother lifestyle from the day one. Buy Boori cots but also check out some important questions before swiping your card:

  1. How much space do you have to place baby cot?

In starting days, baby sleeps in the same room with you for the first six months or so but every room is not big enough to accommodate a cot or cot bed. One thing you need to know is, there are no such things as a standard sized cot. Cots are available to suit different age groups from baby’s birth to 18 months or two years.

If you are having congested rooms then there are no other choices than buying a smaller one which will give you best services. So, before spending a penny on cot beds just check out how much space do you have to place your baby’s comfort in your home.

  1. Do you want some extra features?

Check out baby cot before paying money if in case, you want some extra features in that piece.

Drop side: one side of the cot lowers to allow easy access. Some drop sides are one-handed so you can hold your baby while raising the side with one hand.

Fixed sides: some mums prefer to not have sides that raise or lower

Height adjustment: mostly cots are coming with two-three mattress base positions

  • Use the highest & easily reachable position until baby can roll over
  • You can also use the second position until baby can pull up to standing
  • Use the third position until baby start to climb out

Teething rails: before using, just clear non-toxic plastic covering for your little one to chomp away on to protect them.

Conversion to day bed: while your little one outgrows the cot then you can convert the cot into a sofa which is a clever way of investing in cots.

Package deals: mostly, cots and cot beds are coming with mattress or mattress with bedding.

  1. How can you be sure about your kid’s safety?

Make sure that the gap between cot and mattress is no larger than 3cms. Also, you should select a spot for baby’s cot away from the radiator or window. If you are having a baby monitor then keep it away from your baby’s reach. If it’s possible then you should buy a brand-new baby cot and avoid using second-hand cot or mattress. Ensure that the cot is rigid when it’s assembled with no wobbles. An ideal temperature is 18˚C: not too cold and not too hot.

Final thoughts

In short, baby’s safety and comfort is all parent’s priority. Babies are a treasure of parent’s life so a single scratch on them makes the parent frightened. And it is good also to be aware of your naughty nut’s safety as they are immature to deal with the world. Have happy parenting experiences!…

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