4 Basic Tips for Saving Housewife at Home

4 Basic Tips for Saving Housewife at Home

I leave four basic tips which although not enough we can save a lot of:

  • Do not pay for things that are not used: If you have ADSL but I hardly use it, if you have pay TV but do not see anything more than once a month phone plan but very cheap if you do not use the minutes you offer or anything.


  •  Find some white markings: Do not leave out your favorite brands of all life and if you get very good quality but keep track of prices of private labels for certain products and compare if you are worth it.


  •  Buy large containers: Usually you out much better to buy large format all that little. So instead of buying small smoothies for children purchase the bottle and you can fill small bottles of water to take to the park, water bottles rather than in bottles out cheaper and so many things, do not forget to look at the price per liter or kilo and see some striking differences between small and large format.


  • Not to prepared foods: Buy for example selling packaged boiled potatoes or pasta and cooked, or frozen chopped onion you usually get much more expensive than buying it as a lifetime and cook at home or chop and freeze at home.

If you want more tips, advice and tips to save and create your budget you can buy my book “Simple steps to improve and control once your family economy” for less than 3 euros kindle format HERE and HERE

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