Make Purchases Without Mistake: the 10 Recommendations

Make Purchases Without Mistake: the 10 Recommendations

No better than a housewife with experience to know what to choose and what to take precautions when you go to the supermarket. But not all consumers are homemakers, not born knowing. Something as simple as shopping can become complicated or chaotic, to have the necessary experience. Therefore, in this paper we provide some useful tips to avoid mistakes that lead to waste money. La Becker, who is also an excellent cook, gives us a lesson in his book The supermarket super easy cooking . It is the following recommendations:Review: It’s true that we get a little lazy to do it, but it’s better if we remember what we have and what products are needed. More than once, I happen to buy a packet of sugar and see that we had back in May in the cupboard. On the other hand, then we lack space to store neatly. So we begin to open the doors of furniture, freezer, garrets, under counters, refrigerators and, especially, to open the head.

A good analysis: according to Becker, to make a purchase beneficial is advisable to consider what our consumption habits. Moreover, this also helps us realize if we are maintaining healthy habits. Some of the questions we must ask are: How many times a week consume red meat and white?, How often we vary the vegetables and fruits?, Do we eat enough dairy products to incorporate calcium?

Take notes: it is ideal in a notebook with columns in order to have the detail of consumer products weekly and monthly you need to buy.

Nothing unexpected: you have to plan purchases, pointing what personal products, which will be sent and which can be ordered by phone.

Divide by object: it is essential to know what foods you should not miss, which we take the trouble and what are extras. It is appropriate encolumnar other products such as cleaning and personal in another sector.

Driving time: the key is to be careful and not buy in haste. Otherwise, there is always something we have forgotten. “Organize purchases in order to acquire all that is needed to read the labels, discover new areas, different products and real deals” advises professional.

Review every thing in great detail reviewing, recording from above to below the shelves, especially in those places that the eye can not so easily.

The accuracy is critical: it usually happens that sometimes dizzying quantities. So, if we can not estimate kilo shopping, Miriam advises purchasing them or volume units.

The cart, also in order: we must learn to accommodate products. First go cleaning as detergents and insecticides. If possible must be left in a sector as far as possible so as not to contaminate them. Another point to note is that we must place the heaviest items (bottles, cans, boxes and jars resistant) on one hand and on the other, the light and fragile (paper rolls, eggs, biscuits). Also, fresh foods should be grouped by size, strength and heading. Ideally, leave the fridge needing to almost the end of the purchase, and last of all, the need stored frozen in thermal bags to not cut the cold chain.

Respect the rules: the rules of behavior are a major point when we must manage in an enclosed space and share with so many strangers. Driving the car with caution, avoid those that are broken so there are no unexpected accidents, not to hinder traffic traveling along a line, do not park it anywhere, but with room for others can also reach the shelves, and leave the Products in the same place from which they were extracted if we repent, especially if they are items that need cold, are the basic criteria that must be respected. Remember that the example starts at home. If all we do will be easier to shop and, last but not least, we come out unscathed.

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