Do You Own Handmade Jewellery? Follow These Care Tips!

Do You Own Handmade Jewellery? Follow These Care Tips!

Over the years, the popularity, face value and market value of handmade jewellery have touched new limits. This is the reason why, in a very short time, several renowned brands came into the market with their wide range of handmade jewellery. Some of the most prominent ones are:-

  • Beachy Handmade Gemstone Jewelry
  • Boho Jewelry
  • Evil Eye Jewelry
  • Arm Candy Jewelry


In this context, it is also best to keep in mind that nowadays, handmade jewellery doesn’t come cheap. Sure, the price will never surpass the mass-produced pieces of jewellery from exotic brands but you get the idea.

Hence, if you have bought handmade jewellery, such as handmade gemstone bracelets then you would need to take good care of the same. How? Well, read the following sections:-

How to store handmade jewellery?

Compared to mass-produced jewellery pieces, handmade jewellery pieces such as handmade gemstone jewellery for your vacation will be a bit delicate.

Hence, you need to make sure that you keep such items perfectly organised in a jewellery box, inside a jewellery organiser or simply hang the same on a hook.

What is the purpose of doing this you ask?

Well, a simple step like this will allow you to keep the bracelet from tangling. Tangled handmade jewellery pieces are hard to untangle and sometimes, a severe tangle can also cause irreparable damage to the piece.

You can also keep your handmade jewellery from getting scratched, dinged or damaged in any way when you keep colourful jewellery inside a jewellery box or organiser.

How to clean handmade jewellery?

Whether you have bought a brand new pair of stackable bracelets or a layered necklace, much like your branded gold or diamond jewellery sets, handmade jewellery pieces too need periodic care in the form of cleaning sessions.

In the case of handmade jewellery pieces with beads and gemstones on them, avoid using harsh cleaning products that you often use to clean all your metallic jewellery sets. If you fail to do so then your handmade jewellery piece will lose its lustre over time.

For the best results, simply use a soft cotton rag to clean the handmade jewellery pieces you own after you take them off.

On top of this, remember to avoid using –

  • Steam
  • Hot water and
  • Ultrasonic cleaners to clean handmade jewellery pieces.


How to protect handmade jewellery?

Layered necklaces are perfect when you are searching for some eye-catching vacation looks jewellery but wait, doesn’t a layered necklace need extra care and protection especially if it is handmade!? Yes, it does. How to do that?

Well, for starters, avoid wearing your handmade layered necklace while you are:-

  • Swimming
  • Sunbathing
  • Dancing
  • Trekking
  • Jogging
  • Exercising or any other activities that will make your body produce a lot of sweat.



Well, pool or seawater reacts negatively with handmade jewellery hence; it could lead to irreparable damage to the necklace. Also, avoid wearing makeup or perfume after you have put on the jewellery as makeup products and the alcohol in your perfume can also damage your beloved handmade jewellery.

Handmade jewellery sets are beautiful to look at but at the same time, they need special care from your end. Follow the tips mentioned above and you will be able to enjoy them for years on end!

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