How To Take Good Care Of Skull Earrings?

How To Take Good Care Of Skull Earrings?

If you want to create a unique and different style statement then you should definitely bring skull earrings into your jewelry list. These earrings are mostly made from purest sterling-silver and thus they are very much precious in nature. The most highlighted fact about these ear-pieces is that you can wear them for any occasion and with any outfit.

In fact, you will gain a lot of confidence and your outfit will receive showers of compliments with these special silver-earrings. Different funky styles can be now adopted with these ear-pieces. Your personality will get instantly transformed with the wearing of these accessories. These jewelries were one of the most important aspects of different ancient cultures.

How to maintain these earrings?

It is pretty easier maintaining skull stud earrings. You just need to follow few basic instructions of the manufacturers. They need to be cleaned well so that the surface-shine remains intact in the long run. Since silver has got soft texture therefore you should adopt only delicate means of cleaning. Some of the most valuable tips for maintaining the outlook or beautification of these earrings have been discussed below.

  • Silver-made skull ear-pieces should be stored separately. Sealed or airtight containers should be used for preventing unwanted tarnishing caused due to air-exposure. In most of the cases, the dealers usually provide unique boxes for effective and safe storage of these jewelries.
  • The jewelries should not come in contact with cosmetics and chemicals. The silver might get eroded with these components. These earpieces should be strictly kept away from eggs, mustard, onions, chlorinated water, detergents, moisturizers, perfumes, hairsprays, makeup products and others. Any items having sulphur in it can make your earpieces damaged a lot.
  • You are highly recommended wearing your ear-pieces on a frequent note rather than keeping them for long. This is how these jewelries can be maintained in good condition for long. Skin’s natural-oils are very much helpful for keeping the ear-pieces clean.
  • Specialized polishing-cloths can be now used for keeping these jewelries absolutely clean and hygienic. Polishing-cloths are dipped into cleaning-solutions so that they can be applied smoothly. Earring-designs can be now maintained in quite a highlighted manner with the regular usage of these polishing-solutions.
  • You can also apply different kinds of homemade cleaning-techniques for keeping your earrings clean. In this way, dullness can be kicked away and exotic shine can be easily maintained. In this respect, lemon juice and baking soda are the best solutions that can give an amazing shine to your ear-pieces.

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