Make The Most Of Your Point Of Sale Displays. Turn Browsing Into Buying With These Simple Design Tips

Make The Most Of Your Point Of Sale Displays. Turn Browsing Into Buying With These Simple Design Tips

Whether you own your own shop or manage someone else’s you’ll know the importance of promotion and marketing via point of sale (POS) displays. These displays allow you to market products which you either have a special offer on, need to sell as they’re near the end of their line, or are a new launch.

Getting your POS displays right can mean the difference between a sale and someone simply passing up the opportunity to pick up something extra. Every penny counts with the state of modern retail, and the right type of display products could positively impact upon your products.

Here are some useful design tips for maximising your POS display effectiveness.

Boldness Sells

The whole point of your POS is to try and attract attention. There’s no point being delicate and understated, this is the time to be bold! Whatever display equipment you’ve opted for you need to make the most of it. Utilising bright, contrasting colours on your posters and stands guarantees that your products stand out from the rest of your merchandising efforts.

Show off Benefits

Make it simple and direct. Tell your customers the benefits of the product you’re displaying explicitly. Include a strong call to action, as simple as, ‘BUY NOW’ and this will motivate browsers to become buyers. Utilise plastic display casing to show off the product in use or out of its packaging and this will further entice the potential customers.

Don’t forget to personalise

Rather than just lumping everything together add a personal touch to your POS displays. If you’re offering a range of different flavours than personalise each flavour.

Rather than simply stating ‘strawberry flavoured’ write something more enticing such as ‘sumptuous strawberry flavour’ or ‘juicy, natural strawberry taste’. You’re giving your customer something more to work with and to draw them into the product more quickly and directly.

Make it interactive

Modern technology has made it even easier to draw people into your display stands. You could add screens to the top of your plastic display cabinet. The screens could then display an advertisement or photos of the product showing it in action, once again providing the customer will more information.

You could also include a QR code within your design so customers can automatically link their in-shop experience with a related app or website to improve their experience.

Test Drive

If you don’t want to include screens in your display then you could consider a live demo of the product. This isn’t appropriate for all types of products but electronics especially can see their sales increase if they’re test driven and shown in action. Samples of food products could also be offered and remember every technique you utilise is designed to increase sales.

Managing a shop has one key goal – converting browsing visitors into buying customers. To achieve this you need to make the most of the space you have and getting your POS displays right can help towards this. Even a slight change could have a significant impact on the line you’re trying to sell so it’s really worth making the most of it. Find out more about display strategies by talking to a professional supplier such as Display Developments.

About the Author – Michael Humphrey owns a small electronics shop in Dartford. Over the years he’s learned exactly how to get the most from his shop floor marketing, researching on sites including, and now passes that knowledge on in regular blogs.