Sweater Trends For 2016

Sweater Trends For 2016

Every season brings forth new fashion trends by the top- notch fashion designers and departmental stores. New patterns and fabrics, beautiful hues of colours, organic textures and gorgeous tapestries present a unique and cosy collection of winters wears and cardigans.


Have a glimpse of the sweater styles to wear for the falls 2016:

Graphic Sweaters: Sweaters with colourful printed blocks and patterns. These blocked and printed cardigans give you the perfect look and warmth.

Turtleneck Sweaters: Long necks from loose to skin tight, rolled or slap dashed necks give you the perfect 70s look. Secure hair or tuck them well for smart appearance. Enhance your look with knee boots or simple boots.

Chunky Sweaters: All time wear and the best fashion design ever. It is best for extremely cold temperatures when you are planning an outdoor activity in the freezing zones. Tuck chunky sweaters in your trousers and bottom wear for a chic look and waist definition.

Oversized Sweaters: Oversized sweaters worn with skinny pants, miniskirts and jeans would give you a gypsy-chic look. Long sweaters add on your looks making you dress elegantly.

Metallic Sweaters:Silver and gold looks are suitable wears for any time of the day –corporate hours, night parties, dinners and cocktails.

Cable Knit Sweaters: Knitted sweaters similar to traditional old knitted sweaters. Wear necklaces, pendants and other neck accessories to enhance the boho chic look.

Powdered Sweaters or Pastels : You can steal the evening show with these funky and cool sweaters. Pink, blue, grey, and white shades are ruling out the pastel winter stock. These decent shades carry a dressing sense of sophistication and class.

Monochromatic Sweaters: Single coloured sweaters with extra ordinary prints and patterns are the best outfits for falls this year.

Fuzzy Sweaters: Warm and cosy winter wears that give you the real fashion sense. If you don’t want a packed and stuffed look throughout the winters, it’s time to shop for fuzzy sweaters to seal in yourselves from the freezing winds.

Printed Sweaters: Sweaters with printed graphical patterns and shapes along with mid- length shirt will give an awesome look. High heels and boots are necessary add-ons you must wear.

Capes: Over-sized capes give you a fancy wrapping for parties, dinners and dance clubs. Leather or cosy knitted gloves give the wearer a cool chic look.

Big Belts: Accentuate your looks with big belts. These bold belts can be worn over metallic and fuzzy sweaters to highlight the waist.  Prefer contrasting colours — neutral colours for metallic sweaters.

Faux fur Sweaters: Comfortable fabric that keeps you protected during the cold falls. These sweaters do not give you a bulky look. Stilettoes, belts and skinny lingerie can make the perfect combo.

The trends for winter wear keep changing at an accelerated pace. Began the hunt for right outfit that will suit you. Let your wardrobe reflect your shopping vogue.

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