What Points We Have To Consider Before Purchasing A Wetsuit?

What Points We Have To Consider Before Purchasing A Wetsuit?

Providing protection from weather and keeping your body safe from external conditions is the prime purpose of a wetsuit. That is why wearing it is considered essential when indulging in different activities and sports. However, buying wetsuits can be tricky, especially if you are making this purchase for the first time. Mentioned below are a few essential elements that must be considered in order to buy the right thing.

  • Purpose

Wetsuits are designed for different underwater activities and thus the very first thing to consider is the purpose for which you are planning to buy one. Whether you indulge in snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming or wakeboarding, it is easy to find a perfect piece, designed to match that specific purpose. The weather conditions and temperature of water in the area should also be kept in mind, as then you will be able to choose the most appropriate piece from a variety of wetsuits suitable for varied needs.

  • Construction

How wetsuits are constructed is an important point to know during your search for a perfect one. Over lock, flat lock, glued and blindstitched are some common stitch types used during the construction of wetsuits and serve different purposes. In over lock, the stitching takes places inside and nothing is visible on the outer side. Flat lock gives the appearance of railway track and looks same on both sides, inside and outside. While the seam on the inside is flat, ensuring comfort of the wearer, seeping of water is possible in both these stitch types.  Ideal for colder weather, in blindstitch seams are first glued before stitching. The needle penetrates only top layer of surface, thus preventing seeping of water.

  • Material

Due to advancement in technology, a lot of change can be observed in the materials over the years, as now they are designed to be more flexible, durable and warmer. The material of wetsuits does not vary much, as it is the thickness which is considered more important, which is in millimetres. On the wetsuits it appears in the form of two digits; first digit indicating the material thickness on torso area and the second representing the thickness of material on legs, shoulders and arms.

  • Size

Once all the other factors have been considered, it is time to determine the size and for this you should know your body measurements, such as waist, torso, arms etc. As wetsuits are expected to fit snugly around your body, it is common for people to think that they are wearing the wrong size. It should be properly fitted, with no loose space, especially around ankles and wrists, as this is from where the water can enter your suit. However, it should not be so tight that it restricts your movements or makes it difficult to breathe.

Buying the right wetsuit can ensure your comfort and safety while indulging in your favourite water sports. It is suggested to visit your local shop or store and try on a few wetsuits in order to find the mainly appropriate one for you.

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