Why Individual Lashes Are Better Than Strip Lashes?

Why Individual Lashes Are Better Than Strip Lashes?

Beautiful eyelashes are a dream of every woman. While some of us are blessed with naturally thick and long eyebrows, others may be less grateful in this area. However, with false eyelashes, you can always stay joyful of experimenting with different lashes and flaunting them on occasions. Today, you can find an array of false lashes that are made for serving different needs and convenience. Multiple selections are available, from mink lashes to eye extensions at every other cosmetic parlour around the corner. Albeit, the most popular and preferable are Individual and Strip lashes. In this article, we will be discussing if lashes chosen and applied individually are better than strip lashes.

What Are Individual Eye Lashes And Strip Lashes?

Individual lashes are made from synthetic material and are small groups of a few synthetic hair strands tied with ends together. They can be easily adhered to on your eyelash by using an adhesive. They are individual pieces that you need to apply in different parts. As a result, you get a more natural look that matches your real lashes and appears more accurate.

However, strip lashes are strips of eyelashes that are made to appear like artificial yet thick and large eyelashes. These strips must be attached to your eyelashes by using a specific adhesive. While the process may seem quite similar to applying individual eyelashes, it is easier. Since, instead of sticking eyelashes in three different parts, you have to stick a whole at once.

Even though the latter may seem a better option, the final result may be contradicted it. Let’s find out below.

Why Are Individual Eye Lashes better?

Those who want a natural and feel-good look will always prefer Individual lashes over strip lashes. These are needed to be applied in different parts as per your choice, which means you can play and experiment with varying eyelash styles. For example, you may add more details towards the other end of your eye to complete a cat look or simply apply it in a round shape precisely matching the curve of the eye. These lashes are not heavy on your eyes, unlike strip lashes which are the thick strip of lashes that restricts free choice. Further, while individual eyelashes are incredibly long-lasting, you must remove strip lashes every night before sleeping. If you are looking for matching the realistic appeal of large eyelashes, selecting individual eyelashes is a must-try.


While choosing your favourite individual eyelashes, you must ensure good quality. Also, make sure you select a lasting and toxic-free adhesive that will help you secure your eyelashes in place for a long.

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