Retail Not in Stock

Retail Not in Stock

This startup offers its customers to create an online store which is the wholesale product that handles shipping.

Thus the retailer does not have to worry about the stock or the storage of the product. They made it through a system automation product sheets from the information that wholesalers provide them. This way you know the stock of available and is always kept updated.Sales prices are recalculated directly from a preconfigured profit margins, and are shown to buyers on the web. So marketplaces users manage sales, receive payments, and enter the part corresponding to the wholesaler. “This allows them to save time throughout the shipping process, and can focus exclusively on the marketing and positioning of your online store,” explains Brian Plano, coofundador company with Jesus Rubiella.

Partners in various technology companies for several years, Brian and Jesus saw that were good team together. Started infromática shop on your own, but saw that it was difficult to keep updated (Basic in that sector) with only two employees. “After developing the automation system products for wholesalers chips, we had the idea to bring the experience to another level and create not just an online retail store, but a system to manage,” says Plano.

For this service, each entrepreneur charge 55 euros per month. Currently more than 1,600 stores operating with Openlazarus services, which are reported in 2012 a turnover of 3 million euros.

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